Rui Martins studied Audiovisual Communication at the António Arroio Art School and holds a degree in Audiovisuals and Multimedia by ESCS (School of Communication and Media Studies) both in Lisbon. Rui started out developing work in; motion graphics, videos promos, videoclips, videography and documentaries, often making the soundtrack for his work. Founder of motionlandscapes.com, Rui was also the drummer and composer for The Twilight Void and Second Frequency music projects between 1995 and 2013 and lives currently on the suburbs of Lisbon.


Among others:
2011 - Arte Sonora, spot "Marés Vivas" open air.
2011 - Tiponautas, "Lab Sans Pro" font  (used in the film Ex Machina).
2013 - Tipos Das Letras, workshop in Experimentadesign.
2014 - Vanarchiv, Escritura typeface promo.


In 2012 Rui initiated a series of Travel Videography videos, and on the following year he creates Motion Landscapes to showcase his works. Since then, his work has included been in numerous tourism websites and in some articles. Some of his shots have even featured Robson Green's "Ultimate Catch". In 2017 his work featured in Sporting Tv Cineturismo program.


From 2015 a 2018 Rui directed and produced a documentary; a 60 minute feature entitled: "In The Moment" (No Momento), about newspaper press designer Vítor da Silva, the creator of the graphic image of Portuguese newspapers such as "Expresso" and "Tempo", and responsible for the redesign of newspapers such as "Diário de Lisboa" and "Diário de Notícias". The documentary featured the collaboration of type designer Ricardo Santos, and premiered at the Avanca 2018, winning the "World Premiere Television Prize". In 2019 Rui also receives an award at the Bragacine Film Festival.


In December 2017 images from the "Escritura" video from type designer Ricardo Santos, have been included in promo of FontLab VI , the leading tool in digital typography.


2015 - ARRÁBIDA FINISTERRA, Portugal, "Azores - São Miguel".
2015 - YPERIA Convention of Tourism, Greece, "Dresden Altstadt".
2015 - MUVI  Cinema São Jorge, Lisboa, Portugal, "Graal of Muritz".
2018 - AVANCA - Encontros de Cinema e Vídeo, "No Momento".
2019 - ARRÁBIDA FINISTERRA, Portugal, "Azores - Flores".
2019 - JAHORINA FILM FESTIVAL, Bosnia, "Azores - Flores".
2019 - BRAGACINE, Braga, "No Momento".

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