BRN – The Colorfull Republic

History of the BRN

In 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall during the process of unification of Germany known as the “Wende”, the district of Neustadt in Dresden inhabited by a new generation that didn’t identify themselves with the political satus quo, joined to form a micro-nation with its own ideas. The Colorful Republic of Neustadt or Bunte Republic Neustadt was born.
A own currency, called Neustadtmark, that was based on the East German currency, was issued. A coat of arms of created that retained elements of the coat of arms of East Germany with the head of Mickey Mouse featuring in the centre. Celebrating the founding of the Bunte Republik, the professional government organised a street festival that was held 21–23 June 1991 in Dresden-Neustadt.”

“ For the period from June 22 to 24, 1990, exactly one week before the monetary union, a separate republic was proclaimed and celebrated in a big block party. The idea for the colorful Republic was one afternoon in the Bronxx (former pub on the Alaunstraße). An “ordinary provisional government” was formed. Guided by a “monarch without portfolio” and all possible and impossible ministers for military morale, finances, other church issues, lack of culture and submarines, etc. The government called on the connection to the Vatican and it was decided a government statement. The limits of the small world of colorful Republik Neustadt were marked with a white line on the road and at that time consisted of the square Bautzener Street, King Street Cheats, Bischofsweg and Prießnitzstraße (this is also the current territory). At the entrances were displayed signs reading: “Here, the free territory of the Republic of colorful Neustadt begins.”

Since 2002, the district festival is organized without an overall organizer, the people and places involved notify individual events with a form in the city. the event has established itself as a multicultural and open street festival of the Dresden Neustadt. Despite numerous commercial organizer several private initiatives have been able to obtain without commercial interests, which is an essential feature of the BRN since time immemorial. In particular, the valley road is free of commercial offerings and offers traditional activities for young and old.
The area of ​​the BRN is locked during the feast for moving and stationary traffic but will almost always take a move from quirky and self-built vehicles accompanied by music and dance.“
Partial transcripition from the BRN´s website at: http://www.brn-dresden.de/geschichte.html.

Each year the festival draws thousands of people to its streets.
BRN is a celebration of the “Do it yourself” alternative spirit with its main slogan “Eine Andere Welt Ist Möglich” (another world is possible). During the morning people bring their couches and tables outside and have their morning breakfast with their neighbours and children play on the streets on their home made inventions.

There seems to be a constant struggle against the imposing commerciality that takes over most summer fests. The challenge continues to remain on welcoming an ever growing crowd of thousands while maintaining its essence. Thus the slogan: “Less beer cars more street couches”.

The video was published in the Neustadt Gefluester with a small text in July 31th 2014, and afterwars in yearly review in December. See translation below:

“BRN – The Colorful Republic”

“Rui Martins has put together the most beautiful pictures of this year’s birthday party and accompanied it with music. Since yesterday, the almost four minutes long video online. Already in 2012 , the Portuguese had packed his declaration of love to the Dresden Neustadt in moving images.” Go to page.

“Twenty Fourteen Review – Part 2”

“The second half of the year began in July , when the BRN celebrations were just over and the Portuguese Rui Martins had put together the most beautiful pictures of this year’s birthday party with music.” Go to page.


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