ML footage on “Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch”

ML footage on “Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch”

The first two episodes of Discovery’s Channel fishing program “Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch” on the Azores, feature shots of Rui Martins Motion Landscapes “Azores – São Miguel” video. The Azores are among the most beautiful places in Europe, and one of the richest havens of natural life the world.

Images can be seen at:
Episodes I at 03:04
Episode II at 00:35min, 01:02min, 06:16min.

“Azores – São Miguel” video: http://motionlandscapes.com/project/azores-sao-miguel/
“Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch” IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4418922/fullcredits/

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