Neustadt video on the Neustadt Geflüster

Meeting Neustadt

Since the summer 2006 I've been visiting my sister in Dresden periodically, but by 2012 she had moved to the irreverent district of Neustadt. The buildings seem to hold traces of Baroque and reminiscences of Art Nouveau, dressed with original and irreverent graffiti paintings, and the atmosphere seem to be of originality and firmly anti establishment.

Once there I learned that by the time fall of the Berlin Wall, artists occupied the district and declared independence from the rest of the country, even having their own currency. Since I had brought my camera with me, I decided to make something different, perhaps even visually provoking, (In retrospective I think I might have overdone it). For the music I composed something with the tram sound announcing the arrival. In the original article there is a short version of the history of the district: http://motionlandscapes.com/en/next-stop-dresden-neustadt/. The local news blog, the Neustadt Gefluster, kindly published an article about it: https://www.neustadt-ticker.de/18258/aktuell/nachrichten/faszination-neustadt

"Fascination Neustadt"

"Rui Martins has definitely grabbed it, he has made a film about it. The 35-year-old Portuguese usually lives in Loures, a suburb of Lisbon. There he works freelance as a videographer and artist.

To visit his sister, he came to Neustadt. Rui immediately loved the charm of the neighborhood. Not only because of the architecture, but above all because of the people. He admired the many cyclists, the large amount of children and the cultural diversity. He compares the New Town with Bairro Alto in Lisbon.

The movie was close. From the announcer voices of tram and train, he designed the background music. More information about the filmmaker at ...."

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