05 Dez 2013

Azores – São Miguel

Making Azores – São Miguel In the summer of 2013 I made my first visit to the Azores Islands with some friends camping for a two week vacation. Iam Portuguese but I had never visited the island before so I was immediately struck by the beauty of it all and so glad I brought my GH2 along. Filming this video was such a relaxing experience that I actually didn’t know if it actually would result in anything. Just a curiosity, my […]

21 Out 2012

Dresden Altstadt

DRESDEN ALTSTADT: City Of History Dresden is the capital of Saxony and royal residence of its Electors and Kings. When Frederick August II “The Strong”, converted to Catholicism to become King of Poland, he established Dresden as a capital of the arts and built palaces in Dresden and Warsaw. Altstadt (old city) is famous for its Baroque and Rococo architecture dating the 18th and 19th centuries. In The Second World War Dresden shared the fate of other great historical cities like […]

07 Set 2012

Next Stop: Dresden Neustadt

Next Stop: Dresden Neustadt I was visiting my sister in Dresden since 2006 , but by 2012 she had moved to the irreverent district of Neustadt. The buildings seem to hold traces of Baroque and reminiscences of Art Nouveau, dressed with original and irreverent graffiti paintings, and the atmosphere seem to be of originality and firmly anti establishment. Once there I’ve learned that, by the time fall of the Berlin Wall, artists occupied the district and declared independence from the […]

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