25 Jul 2018

Estreia do Documentário “No Momento”

Estreia do Documentário “No Momento” O documentário “No Momento” teve a sua estreia mundial na Competição Internacional do AVANCA FILM FESTIVAL 2018, no dia 26 de Junho às 14:30, no Auditório paroquial de Avanca. Produzido e Realizado por Rui Martins, com entrevistas de Ricardo Santos​, “No Momento” fala sobre percurso do designer Vítor da Silva,​ o criador do grafismo de jornais de referência como o “Expresso” e o “Tempo” e colaborador de outros como:  “O Século”, “Diário de Lisboa” e  “Diário […]

26 Abr 2018

O SÉCULO – Vítor da Silva e Rodrigues Alves

O SÉCULO – Vítor da Silva e Rodrigues Alves Vítor da Silva conta como foi a sua entrada no mundo editorial dos jornais do início dos anos 50. Por essa altura já paginava a revista “Flama”, uma das principais revistas do país, e era aluno da escola de artes António Arroio. É aí que o mestre Rodrigues Alves, seu professor e responsável pelo grafismo do jornal O Século e todas as suas publicações, o convida a paginar a revista “O Século […]

11 Dez 2017

Motion Landscapes footage in new FontLab promo

Motion Landscapes “Escritura” footage on new FontLab promo The latest promo of the world leading typography software FontLab VI, includes footage from Ricardo Santos “Escritura” video made by Rui Martins and credited to Motion Landscapes. FontLabs website: https://www.fontlab.com/font-editor/fontlab-vi/ You can watch Rui Martins video: http://motionlandscapes.com/project/vanarchiv-escritura/ Or go to Ricardo Santos website: http://vanarchiv.com/escritura/

30 Dez 2016

Motion Landscapes on cable channel

Motion Landscapes on cable channel The vídeo “Azores – São Miguel” by Rui Matins (Motion Landscapes) was featured in the segment “Cineturismo” in the Portuguese cable channel Sporting TV by Carlos Sargedas, organizer of Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival, where the video was first presented in 2013. Carlos Sargedas also mentions Rui Martins, Motion Landscapes and the presence at the festival. PT O vídeo “Azores – São Miguel” de Rui Matins / Motion Landscapes foi apresentado na rubrica Cineturismo […]

05 Nov 2015

Graal of Müritz on Muvi Film Festival

Graal of Müritz on Muvi Film Festival “Graal of Müritz” as featured this year edition of MUVI – International Music on Film Festival in Lisbon in São Jorge Cinema on December the 2nd. The Muvi festival has the motto “See beyond what you hear” and features videoclips and music related films. “Graal of Müritz” is more like a visual poem, and so I find it quite suitable for the event. I couldn’t make it on the date of my film, […]

11 Mai 2015

Rui Martins on Arrábida Finisterra Film Festival

This Years “Arrábida Finisterra Film & Art Tourism Film Festival” edition included 3 works by Rui Martins Motion Landscapes Travel Videography series: Rostock – Cityscapes (2015)   //   Azores – São Miguel (2013)   //   Dresden Altstadt (2012). This years edition of the Tourism Film Festival took place from the 6th to 10th of May in Sesimbra and featured works from 51 participants from 48 countries. Festival: http://www.finisterrafilmfestival.pt/index.php/previous-editions-en/2-uncategorised/98-finisterra-2015-en.html  

11 Mai 2015

ML footage on “Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch”

ML footage on “Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch” The first two episodes of Discovery’s Channel fishing program “Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch” on the Azores, feature shots of Rui Martins Motion Landscapes “Azores – São Miguel” video. The Azores are among the most beautiful places in Europe, and one of the richest havens of natural life the world. Images can be seen at: Episodes I at 03:04 Episode II at 00:35min, 01:02min, 06:16min. “Azores – São Miguel” video: http://motionlandscapes.com/project/azores-sao-miguel/ “Robson Greens’s Ultimate Catch” […]

20 Mar 2015

Graal of Müritz

Graal of Müritz The poem: “Morgen!” was originally written by german raised John Henry Mackay and set to music by Richard Strauss in 1894 and adapt to english by John Berhoff in 1925, in this version using the beautiful sea side sunsets landscapes of Graal Muritz in northen Germany. “Morgen!” (“Tomorrow!”) is the last in a set of four songs composed in 1894 by the German composer Richard Strass It is designated Opus 27, Number 4. The German love poem […]

17 Fev 2015

Rostock – Cityscapes

Rostock Cityscapes In the 14th century Rostock was a powerful seaport, the biggest city of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region in todays northern Germany. It has one of the oldest universities in the world dated from 1419. The Ships cruising the Baltic Sea were constructed in Rostock. Its early inhabitant where Polabian Slavs which named the settlement “Fork of a River” or “Ras-toku”, hence the name Rostock. The Danish king Valdemar set the tow aflame in 1161, only afterwards around 1200 the […]

29 Jul 2014

BRN – The Colorfull Republic

History of the BRN In 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall during the process of unification of Germany known as the “Wende”, the district of Neustadt in Dresden inhabited by a new generation that didn’t identify themselves with the political satus quo, joined to form a micro-nation with its own ideas. The Colorful Republic of Neustadt or Bunte Republic Neustadt was born. A own currency, called Neustadtmark, that was based on the East German currency, was issued. A […]

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